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Betabase is a biodegradable bone replacement from microporous and macroporous β-tricalcium phosphate. Betabase consists of pure-phase β-TCP and since it is a synthetic material it is completely safe for the patient.

Potential risks of infection involved in the use or processing of biological material (HIV, BSE, inter alia) are non-existent with Betabase.

Betabase has an interconnected pore system with micropores and macropores that reproduce the well-known osteoconductive effect almost perfectly.

Osteoblasts and blood vessels are able to proliferate rapidly in the open pore system and grow swiftly in the Betabase. This also enables internal resorption of the materials.

The high overall porosity of Betabase (> 60 %) means that the body has to break down a far smaller quantity of bone replacement material, based on the volume of the defect. This accelerates the resorption process and also creates new opportunities to fill large bone defects. Clinical studies have demonstrated that the material is completely resorbable after 9 to 12 months.

The polyhedric granular structure of Betabase makes it safe and easy to apply to the defect, in particular when mixed with the patient’s blood.

Betabase is manufactured in compliance with GMP requirements and conforms to ASTM F 1088-04, the internationally recognised standard for materials.


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