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Biobase is a biodegradable bone replacement from microporous and macroporous α-tricalcium phosphate. Biobase is an inorganic, bioresorbable bone replacement from pure-phase α-tricalcium phosphate. Infections and immunological reactions are precluded since it is completely synthetic.

Biobase is a bone replacement for temporarily filling pathological, traumatic and postoperative bone defects. Biobase has a system of micropores (< 5 μm) and macropores (max. 1 mm) with a porosity of approx. 65%. This creates a far larger material surface, which enhances the reaction kinetics in the resorption processes. Biobase has a special surface structure which increases the level of calcium elution, and promotes ossification. Biobase is broken down to the same extent as it forms new bones. Duration of resorption: 6 to 14 months.

Blood vessels and osteoblasts grow in the macropores and guarantee rapid proliferation of the new bone substance.

Tissue fluid penetrates the pore system, thereby enabling a complete hydrolitic breakdown of the material.

Biobase acts as a conductor for the proliferating bones by producing an osteoconductive effect.

The constant and precise composition with a calcium-phosphorus atomic ratio of 1.5 is very similar to the calcium-phosphorus atomic ratio of the mineral phase of the human bone of 1.6 and guarantees the high degree of biocompatibility of Biobase.

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