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Biobase AP | Indication

Periodontology: Two and three wall bony defects can be used with or without membranes. Implantology: Defect augmentation following extraction to creat an implant base.

- Sinus floor elevation of sinus
- Gaps between extraction socket and implant in case of immediate implant placement
- Cysts
- Defects resulting from cyst removal
- Defects resulting from apicectomy
- Defects resulting from the removal of impacted teeth
- Defects resulting from vorrective osteotomies

All other multiple wall bone defects of bony craters and facial bone defects

Figure 1: The micropotosily is visible in this enlargement.

Figure 2: Microporosity in detail, pores up to approx 5 µm; sinter necks are discernible.


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