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The Leadfix-membrane pin is a bioresorbable pin that is inserted into the bone. It is used to fix membranes in place at the respective implantation sites. The Membran-pin comprises osteosynthtic implant material and has proved to be an effective suture material. Biological degradition occurs throught hydrolysis to lactid acid, which is subsequently metabolised to CO2 and H2O.

Reduction in Pin strength and degradtion: 

After 6-7 months the mechanical strength of the Leadfix pin decreses. A process then begins, whereby respoption sets in and the volume of the pin is reduced. Pin degradation by hydrolysis leads to lactic acid formation. Lactic acid is metabolized to CO2 and H2O in the citrate cycle. The material is fully resorbed after 60 weeks.

The design of the pin ensures rapid, straightforward application and the long-term secure positioning of the pin throughout its lifespan. With a shaft diameter of < 1 mm, the membrane pin is an ideal material for secure fixing in surrounding bone. The retention ridges on the shaft allow the membrane pin to sit firmly in the implantation site. Thanks to the smooth, lens-shaped head, the pin van be inserted simply using specially developed Leadfix instruments.


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