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Fractures subject to low load stresses: 1.5 mm Polypin, apical fragements and osteochondral fractures or dissections: 2.0 mm Polypin, large osteochondral fragments: 2.7 mm Polypin

1.5 mm Polypin
Fixation of bony or osteochondral fragments: e.g. fractures to the heads of metacarpal bones, arthrodeses of fingers and toes, stabilising of certain finger factures, osteochondral factures or dissections

2.0 mm Polypin
Apical fragments: e.g. fractures of the radial head, fracture of the patella rim, fractures at the proximal and distal ends of the metatarsal and metacarpal bones.

Osteochondral fractures or dissections: e.g. ankle-bone dome, femoral condyle, cancellous fragments or those subject to low stresses: e.g. layered reconstruction of fractures of the heel or acetabulum, corticocancellous grafting of chips

2.7 mm Polypin
Large osteochondral fragments: e.g. fractures of the femur head (Pipkin fractures), fractures of the malleolus (Weber A fractures), fractures of the radius, longitudinal fractures of the patella


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